Who made the database?

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Most of the cases at the time the database first went on-line (September 2011) were written by students at Swarthmore College, usually in the context of a research seminar taught in Peace and Conflict Studies by George Lakey. Most students wrote 10-12 cases but some wrote 24 or more (indicated by asterisks). Additionally, cases were contributed by students at Tufts University, supervised by peace and justice educator Dale Bryan, Georgetown University, supervised by peace scholar Barbara Wien, Menno Simons College Winnipeg and Canadian Mennonite University, supervised by conflict resolution studies scholar Karen Ridd, and Kennesaw State University, supervised by Maia Hallward. A list of researchers’ names follows this section.

The name of the original researcher/writer is attached to each narrative. Because the database is a living resource, with continued updating of information, the researcher’s information and formulation may have been edited; if so, that is indicated.

Major work in editing and supporting the database was done by Lakey’s research assistants Markus Schlotterbeck and Max Rennebohm. They coached other researchers and helped prepare the database for publication; their thoughtful commitment and meticulous attention to detail were invaluable.

The web and database designer was Daniel Hunter, who brought to the task his considerable experience as a nonviolent strategist and coach along with his computer programming skills. Leslie Leach supports the website for Swarthmore’s Information Technology Services.

We wish to thank Gene Sharp for his feedback, and for laying the foundation of a scholarly field on which this database is built. Swarthmore’s research librarian in social sciences, Melanie Maksin, helped us find sources, as did the curator of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Wendy Chmielewski, and her staff. The chair of Swarthmore’s Peace and Conflict Studies Department, Lee Smithey, gave ongoing support, as well as the director of Swarthmore’s writing program, Jill Gladstein, and the student writing coaches that worked with our students. Other faculty members gave encouragement and advice including Cynthia Halpern, Stephen Maurer, and Sarah Willie-LeBreton.

The Global Nonviolent Action Database Project would not have been possible without the support of Viki Laura List and Eugene M. Lang. George Lakey came to Swarthmore in 2005 as the Lang Visiting Professor for Issues in Social Change and continues there as Research Fellow, as well as Visiting Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies. We acknowledge the strong support of the director of the Eugene M. Lang Center Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Joy Charlton.

George Lakey envisioned and manages the Global Nonviolent Action Database Project. His first arrest was for a civil rights sit-in and he has devoted his life to activism in a variety of movements: labor, peace, gay liberation, the men’s anti-sexist movement, and eco-justice. He co-founded Movement for a New Society and Training for Change, leading over 1500 social change workshops on five continents. A Quaker, he taught at Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania, and has published eight books including Facilitating Group Learning, 2010, Jossey-Bass, Publishers. In 2010 the Peace and Justice Studies Association named him “Peace Educator of the Year.” He has also received the U.S. National Giraffe Award for “sticking his neck out for the public good.”

- George Lakey 18/08/2011


(All researchers from Swarthmore College unless otherwise noted)

Samia Abbass
Evan Abrams (Georgetown University)
Julio Angel Alicea*
Kate Aronoff
Nida A. Atshan
Meghan T. Auker-Becker
Meiri Anto
Lydia Bailey
Chris Baker Evans
Ashley Banks
Samantha Bennett
Benjamin Bernard-Herman
Shandra Bernath-Plaisted
Arielle Bernhardt
Alison Besecker (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Elliana Bisgaard-Church
Janine Bjarnson (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Alexander Blocker
Pauline Blount
Quincy Brandt (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Tyler Buehler (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Matthew Burns (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Anjali Cadambi
Chelsey Caldwell (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Chistopher Capron
Lindsay Carpenter (Tufts University)
Natalia Choi
Rebecca Marie Contreras
Elowyn Corby
Andrés Cordero
Patrick Curren (Georgetown University)
Andrea Delisle (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Dinah DeWald
Nicholas Dirago (Georgetown University)
Lindsay Dolan
Vanessa Driedger (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Brett Ducharme (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Rachel Dunsmore (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Alexis Dziedziech
Aileen Eisenberg
Olivia Ensign
Iris Fang
Manuel Figueredo (Georgetown University)
Felicity Forbister (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Thomas Fortuna
Karla Froese (Canadian Mennonite University)
Alexander Frye

Gabriel Gabriel (Canadian Mennonite University)

David Gethings (Kennesaw State University)

Jasper Goldberg

Sarah Gonzalez
Benjamin W. Goossen
Rebekah Grisim (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Patricia Gutiérrez
Colleen Hailley (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Fatimah Hameed
Soul Han
Alia Harb (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Matthew Carl Heck
Alyssa Hiebert (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Dylan Hillerbrand
Daniel R. Hirschel-Burns
Sachie Hopkins-Hayakawa
Hannah Jones*
Jeewon Kim
Rosanna Kim
Hanna King*
Kira Kern
Courtney Klassen (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Kelli Klotz (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Leigha Koehn (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Jesse Laird (University of San Francisco)
George Lakey
Jonah Langelotz (Canadian Mennonite University)
William M. Lawrence*
Jocelyn Legault (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Hannah Lehmann
Lekey Leidecker
Megan Leskiw (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Candace Lepitre (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Nancy Liu
Aaron Maciejko (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Pendle Marshall-Hallmark
Kate McClellan (Georgetown University)
Susana Medeiros
Dilcia Mercedes
Hannah-Ruth Miller
Megan Miller (Manchester)
Summer Miller-Walfish
Elizabeth Morrison (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Aurora Munoz
Gavin Musynske
Zein Nakhoda*
Noah Nance (Georgetown University)
Kylin Navarro
Sophia Naylor
Sarah Noble
Rachel Ohrenschall (Bryn Mawr College)
Blaine O’Neill
Nick Palazzolo
Alyson N. Passanante
Josh Peck
Anthony Phalen
Jessica Piec (Menno Simons)
John Pontillo
Adriana Popa
Amanda Pratt (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Yein Pyo
Tarit Rao-Chakravorti
Elizabeth Reilly (Bryn Mawr College)
Max Rennebohm*
Nikki Richards
Karen Ridd (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Laura Rigell
Amy Robertson (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Melissa Romanow (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Alison Roseberry-Polier
Alexa Theresa Ross
Elena Ruyter
Peter Saunders (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Leah Grady Sayvetz (Bryn Mawr College)
Thomas Scharff (Georgetown University)
Clare Schellenberg (Canadian Mennonite University)
Nathalie Schils (Tufts University)
Markus Schlotterbeck
Kelly Schoolmeester
Danny Schwartz (Georgetown University)
Jessica Seigel
Yulia Senina (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Morial Shah (Georgetown University)
Samantha Shain (Haverford College)
Carl Sigmond (Haverford College)
Margaret Slusher (Kennesaw State University)
Carmen Smith-Estrada
Hadley Stein (Georgetown University)
Walker Stole
Kevin Strand
Hayley Summers (Canadian Mennonite University)
Barry Tabacznik (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Aden Tedla*
Matthew Turner
Jennifer Trinh
Ron Vadnais (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Nicole Lisa Vanchieri
Ruth Vanstone (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Alexa Wallin (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Maurice Weeks
Mackenzie Welch
Jonathan White
Justin Woodruff (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Anne Wyman (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)
Sunny Yang

Ryan Zacharias (Menno Simons College Winnipeg)