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Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo campaign for democracy and the return of their “disappeared” family members, 1977-1983

Time period
30 April, 1977 to July, 1983
Human Rights
Total points
8 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
Aden Tedla, 20/06/2011, and Shandra Bernath Plaistad, 16/02/2009

Following a coup that ousted then-acting President Isabel Perón from power, Argentina’s armed forces established a military government in 1976, a year that marked the beginning of Argentina’s “Dirty War” period.  Headed by General Jorge Videla, the new military junta dissolved Argentina’s Supreme Court, congress, and provincial governments, and implemented a government program known as the “National Reorganization Process.”  This program sought to rid Argentinean society of perceived government subversives, and effectively institutionalized state-sponsored terror.  Through th