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Colombian women use sex strike to demand gangster disarmament (Huelga de Piernas Cruzadas), 2006

Time period
September, 2006 to September, 2006
Total points
5 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
Samantha Shain, 28/10/2012

In early September 2006, a group of Colombian women, the partners of local gangsters, declared a sex strike.  Their demand was that gang members turn in their weapons to the municipal government and agree to begin a vocational training program.  The strike began during a meeting in which twenty-five women from different neighborhoods came together to oppose the violence of their partners or spouses.  Said Julio Cesar Gomez, the security official in the city of Pereira's local government, “this is about changing the cultural parameters: Some women thought that men wearing fati