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Kyrgyz citizens overthrow President Ayakev (Tulip Revolution), 2005

Time period
February 27, 2005 to March 24, 2005
Total points
8 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
Max Rennebohm 21/05/2011

By 2005 President Askar Ayakev had ruled Kyrgyzstan for 15 years.  In his first 10 years as president he had been generally popular and well liked; but due to concerns about increasing corruption within his government and his family, Ayakev’s popularity began to fall.   Parliamentary elections in February and March 2005 secured a majority of seats for the pro-government politicians that supported Ayakev.  During the first round of voting on February 27, many opposition politicians had been removed from the ballot or disqualified in some way.  During the second round