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Transgender activists aimed to pressure the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to discontinue the use of male/female gender markers on commuter passes.

1000th Case: Guatemalan workers at Lunafil

Guatemalan workers and families withstand violence, defend justice with 410-day strike and occupation, protected by Peace Brigades International.

Geographical Mapping of Campaigns

Nonviolent action campaigns are waged all over the world. See a distribution of the campaigns across the globe in our new interactive map.

1000 campaigns from 200 countries

There are now 1000 campaigns described on this database. These campaigns come from all over the world and address a wide range of issues.

Waves of Nonviolent Action

Some campaigns inspire others, creating a kind of "wave" of campaigns within or across countries. The 2011 'Arab wave' is an example. On the database we have grouped campaigns into several waves