São Tomé and Principe health workers strike for higher wages, 2000

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Time Period:  
Time period notes: 
The strike itself lasted 10 days.
Location and Goals
Sao Tome and Principe
An increase in wages and new salary framework.

The year 2000 was full of strikes for São Tomé and Principe. In early 2000, the civil service went on strike demanding an increase in minimum wage, which they eventually obtained in April. In October 2000, the teachers’ union in São Tomé and Principe went on strike with 20 demands, including an increase in wages.

Then, in either late October or early November (sources varied), the health workers’ union also went on strike. The workers in the health sector insisted on an increase in pay and a new salary framework. Both the teachers on strike and the health workers wanted a pay increase equal to the one the civil servants had received. After 10 days, the health workers’ strike ended because of government negotiations. The result of the negotiations was that the minimum health worker salary would be increased from 40,000 dobras to 150,000 dobras.

The teachers’ strike ended in late November when seven of their demands were met.

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Additional Notes: 
São Tomé and Principe experienced several other strikes in 2000, including a civil service strike and teachers’ union strike.
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Lindsay Carpenter, 2/8/2011