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Fijian oil industry workers strike for higher wages and benefits, 1959

Time period
December 7, 1959 to December 15, 1959
Economic Justice
Total points
4 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
William Lawrence 24/11/2010

In the 1950s, many young Fijians moved from far-flung island villages to Suva, the largest city of this small British colony.  In Suva, they found a stagnant economy that was unable to provide work for the influx of residents.  For those lucky enough to find employment, the de facto minimum wage was less than the cost of living.  The British colonial government was not concerned about labor unrest, however—racial barriers had always served to dampen dissent.  Fiji was populated at this time by a mix of local Fijians, Europeans, and laborers from India and elsewhere in As