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Germans defend Ruhr Valley from French and Belgian invasion (Ruhrkampf), 1923

Time period
January 11, 1923 to September 26, 1923
Economic Justice
Human Rights
Total points
9 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
Maurice Weeks and Max Rennebohm, 21/07/2008 and 10/09/2011

Following a loss in World War I, Germany was charged to pay reparations for their destructive role. The bill was $33 billion. Germany had been weakened by the war and paying the reparations at the rate in which they were due would have completely crippled the country. Germany therefore tried to gain more time to pay. The Germans set forth a proposal for U.S banks to loan funds for the reparations and for France to reevaluate the reparations.