About the Database

Why this database?

  1. To provide free access to information about hundreds of cases of nonviolent action for learning and for citizen action. We research campaigns that have reached a point of completion. The cases are drawn from all continents and most countries.  People are shown struggling for human rights, economic justice, democracy, national and ethnic identity, environmental sustainability, and peace.  To learn more about searching by the issues people are struggling about, go to Issue Clusters.
  2. To make available comparative information that will support researchers and writers to develop strategic knowledge and theory.  Each case is presented in two formats: the database file (with searchable fields) and the narrative describing the struggle as an unfolding story. The database supports searches by country, by issue, by action method used, and even by year -- there is a case from ancient Egypt, 12th century BCE!  Some cases are part of a “wave” of campaigns, such as the “Arab Awakening” of 2011; by pressing each “wave” button one can find cases.

See the other sections under the About menu for more on the coding, uses, limitations, and building of the Global Nonviolent Action Database.

- George Lakey 12/08/2011