188. Dumping

Selling a commodity at a lower-than-market price to pressure an opponent.

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French farmers protest falling food prices, July-September 2015

Time period
19 July, 2015 to 3 September, 2015
Economic Justice
Total points
9 out of 10 points
Name of researcher, and date dd/mm/yyyy
Caroline Dreyfuss, 22/11/2015

In 2014, French livestock farmers experienced a six to eight percent decrease in prices of their goods due to falling prices worldwide, a Russian embargo on European Union goods, as well as competition between supermarkets, while distribution companies’ earnings remained the same. On 17 June 2015, members of the French food industry agreed to a hike in the price of meat and dairy in order to increase the amount of money going to the farmers. The agreement stipulated a five-cent price increase per kilogram of beef per week.